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  • Magnetic was born to create a hip retreat haven, a home away from home, for real travelers seeking wanderlust and authentic experiences. Our hotel is located just 150 metres from the beautiful central magnetic beach of Ureki, while it takes only a 2-minute walk to get to the beach. Our 20 rooms and 7 summer houses respect and faithfully serve the simplicity of Georgian aesthetics.
    Minimal chic design and bohemian atmosphere accord to your comfort and total relaxation. The room facilities and services cater to the needs of modern travelers, who want to be themselves, authentic, and simply enjoy magnetic sand. The sand in Ureki is classified as black sand and has magnetic properties, which treat a number of health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, Disorders contagious and rheumatic polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis.
                                               Come on then and discover your own corner of happiness, because happiness is “handmade”.